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Summer Faculty-led Registration

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Summer Faculty-Led Registration

  • Registration, tuition and fees follows the standard UT summer schedule.
  • Reference the program registration instruction sheet from the program coordinator.
    • The PRIS is specific to each program.

Affiliated Studies (AS) Registration

Affiliated Studies (AS) courses are taught by non-UT faculty that work with program faculty and staff. AS courses offer transfer credit. A flat AS fee in charged in lieu of UT tuition.

AS credit may take up to one long academic semester after the program ends for credit to post on the UT record.

Estimated Expenses

Please review costs for your intended track here.


Dec. 1

Summer application deadline


Acceptance notifications (by winter break)

Jan. 22

Non-refundable program deposit due.

March 1

Financial responsibility begins.

April 17-28

Summer registration.

  • Register for all study abroad courses
May 1

Program fee deadline (may be deferred to financial aid)

May 18

Summer tuition payment deadline (undergraduates)

  • Pay by 4:59pm
  • Non-payment triggers course drops
  • Financial aid students may defer to financial aid
    or take out a tuition loan


Late Registration

Late registration for summer study abroad courses is generally not permitted.  Financial aid students who do not register during April summer registration will NOT receive summer financial aid. Students who register late must register themselves or designate another individual to act as a proxy to facilitate the late registration process.  Study Abroad does not have resources to act as a proxy for students who need to process late registration paperwork.

Graduating Seniors

Graduating seniors should note that programs offering hybrid or AS credit may take up to one long academic semester after the program ends for credit to post on the UT record.

Non-Registered Students

Students not registered prior to the program start date are not official program participants. Students not registered in the program’s course(s) are not eligible for program financial aid or program amenities (housing, courses, activities, etc.). Their study abroad status is changed to “failed to register,” effectively withdrawing the student from the program. Students are still accountable for the financial responsibilities.

Note: Financial aid students must be registered in the program courses by the end of access period 1 in April to receive summer financial aid. Only registered students will have their aid packages re-adjusted before departure.