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Summer Faculty-led Payment

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Payment Overview

Expenses Paid to UT
Expense Amount Due Date Notes
Application fee $50 Within 10 days of
starting an application
For both incomplete and complete applications.
Deposit $500 January 23 Amount is applied to program fee.
Program fee balance Varies May 1 Fee varies per program (est. $3,000-6,000).
Insurance $133 10 days prior to
program start date
Posts as "International Office".
Tuition Varies per program. Tuition amounts listed on the program page use the undergraduate in-state Liberal Arts rate.
To estimate your own costs, verify tuition amount based on your college/school, residency status and classification.
Fees post to What I Owe; tuition posts to My Tuition Bill. More info at Study Abroad Billing OSFS provides instructions on paying tuition with financial aid.
Application fee and deposit are non-refundable. See Financial Responsibility Policy for additional information.


Pre-departure Expenses
Expense Amount Due Date Notes
Airfare Varies April 1 Student makes arrangements and
pays vendor/provider directly.
Passport/Visa $135+ April 1
Health clearance appointment $25-75+ April 1
Books/Materials Varies Prior to departure


On-site Expenses
Expense Notes
Any expense not included in
the program fee
See program's page for total estimated expense.
Personal expenses

Financial Responsibility Policy

Students that withdraw on or after March 1 will be held financially responsible for a pre-determined percentage of the program fee.


  • Summer Faculty-Led Scholarship - International Office $2000 scholarships. Award description, eligibility criteria and applications are available on GLOBAL ASSIST.
    Deadline December 1.
  • International Education Fee Scholarship $1200-1800 scholarships. Award description, eligibility criteria and applications are available on GLOBAL ASSIST.
    Deadline February 15.
  • COLA Scholarship $500-2000 scholarships available for:

    Climate Change, Ecosystems and Human Dynamics  - Ghanzi, Botswana
    Language and Culture - Salvador da Bahia, Brazil (Spanish & Portuguese Faculty-Led Summer Scholarship)
    Language and Culture -  Santander, Spain(Spanish & Portuguese Faculty-Led Summer Scholarship)

    Award description, eligibility criteria, applications and deadlines are available on GLOBAL ASSIST.

  • Benjamin A. Gilman Awards. For Pell Grant recipients. Scholarships up to $5000. Apply at Gilman online.
    Deadline March 1.
  • Diversity Abroad. For economically disadvantaged, first generation students, students with disabilities and ethnic and racially diverse students. $500 scholarships. 
    Apply at Diversity Abroad online
    Deadline April 1.

More scholarships are listed on Funding Study Abroad.

Using Financial Aid

Aid-eligible students may use financial aid to cover program costs. Financial aid for study abroad is usually in the form of loans, some of which require a co-signer. OSFS sends Electronic Financial Aid Notifications (E-FAN) in late May.

Tuition and the program fee can be deferred until aid is released. However, as financial aid is not likely to release until after a program begins, expenses such as airfare, passport, books, and arrival expenses must be paid out-of-pocket.

Deferring the Program Balance to Financial Aid

The program fee balance (excludes the $500 non-refundable deposit) may be deferred to financial aid. This does not remove the charge from What I Owe. If there is a difference between what financial aid covers and what is owed, the student should pay the difference by May 1.


Students that withdraw on or after March 1 will be held financially responsible for a pre-determined percentage of the program fee (the 2015 policy will be added soon). 

Students may withdraw online (not available for all programs) or withdraw by e-mailing the program coordinator. In addition, students are responsible for dropping their study abroad course(s) in accordance with UT registration procedures.