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Program Description

Within the past decade, researchers and professionals have discovered a thriving economy in the inner city. Innovative businesses have decided to launch or relocate their businesses within formerly neglected inner city communities in the United States and other countries across the globe. This course specifically looks at the potential for corporations and governments to embrace the United States model of market-led approaches to spur greater economic development in apartheid-created, majority Black townships near Cape Town, South Africa.

This course surveys South Africa’s history and urban economic development landscape and explores the similarities and differences between South Africa and the United States. In addition to classroom learning, students engage in service learning experiences with organizations that provide cutting-edge economic development work in and around Cape Town. By working with these organizations, students understand how corporations and governments can work together to build new economic centers in low-income communities. Students participate in course-related program activities and excursions in and around Cape Town.


  • HIS 317L | A Comparative History of the Inner City: U.S. and South Africa

Faculty Directors

Leonard Moore

leonard moore

Dr. Leonard Moore is currently an associate vice-president in the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement and a professor in the Department of History. He has published two books on black politics and his research interests have recently shifted into the area of economic development in urban communities. In addition to the Cape Town program, Dr. Moore also directs a study abroad program in Beijing, China that focuses on social entrepreneurship.

Darren Kelly

darren kelly

Dr. Darren Kelly is the director of the McNair Scholars Program and assistant director of the African American Male Research Initiative within the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement. His research looks at the intersection of race, education, and urban culture. Prior to working at the University of Texas, Dr. Kelly worked in corporate finance while living in Shanghai, China.



Program and Application Details

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