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Maymester Abroad Registration

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Maymester Abroad courses are UT spring courses. Students register for the course during the October/November access period, or during January add/drop. The Maymester Abroad program application and course registration are two separate processes.


October 29-November 9: Spring course registration. Maymester Abroad applicants enroll themselves in their first choice Maymester course(s) and accompanying International Learning Seminar (xx 119), if applicable. Click here for a list of unique numbers. Applicants who register for a Maymester course should be automatically approved to take more than 17 hours in the spring semester. If the student experiences difficulty with registering for more than 17 hours s/he should inform the Study Abroad Program Coordinator and contact his/her dean's office for further assistance.

November 1: Maymester application deadline.

Mid-November: Maymester application decisions are made prior to Thanksgiving break.

December 10: $300 Non-refundable deposit due. Applied toward Maymester Abroad program fee.

January 7-11: Spring registration add-drop period. Accepted applicants should ensure they are registered for their Maymester Abroad course(s) by the end of access period two (January 11). Waitlisted and denied students should drop Maymester Abroad courses. Waitlisted students will be instructed to re-register upon acceptance. Students are required to be registered for study abroad courses by January 11.

4th class day (spring): Maymester waitlist closes

February 20: Maymester Abroad program fee deadline (may be deferred to financial aid).

February 21: Maymester Abroad financial responsibilities take effect.

Unique Numbers

Unique numbers for registration

Undergraduate Students

It is common for students registering for a Maymester course to register for over 17 hours in the spring. For example, a student taking 15 hours during the spring semester plus a three-hour Maymester Abroad course registers for a total of 18 hours in the spring semester.

Undergraduate students who register for a Maymester course should be automatically approved to take more than 17 semester hours in the spring semester. If a student experiences difficulty with registering for more than 17 hours, he/she should inform the Study Abroad Coordinator and contact his/her Dean's Office for further assistance.

Due to the flat-rate tuition structure of undergraduate tuition and fees, the majority of full-time undergraduate students do not pay additional tuition for the Maymester Abroad course.

Graduating Seniors

A graduating senior may participate in a Maymester. If the course credit is not needed to fulfill an outstanding degree requirement, the student can apply to graduate in the spring. Students who need the course to fulfill their last degree requirement may participate in the program. After successful completion of the course, the student can complete the process for in absentia graduation in August.

Graduate Students

Graduate students register and pay tuition for the Maymester Abroad according to the graduate tuition and fee rates.  For example, a graduate student taking nine hours during the spring semester and a three-hour Maymester will register and pay for 12 hours in the spring semester.

In the case that a Maymester has an associated International Learning Seminar during the spring semester, graduate students are not required to register for the International Learning Seminar; however, attendance is required.

Graduate students must check with their graduate advisor as to the maximum hours allowed in the spring semester. The general rule for grad students is 15 hours maximum; however, schools or colleges are able to set stricter caps. Any student that would exceed the maximum set by their school/college must contact their graduate advisor to request they submit a petition to exceed the max hours allowed.

Failure to Register

Students who are not registered by the 12th class day of spring semester are not official program participants. Their study abroad files will be marked “failed to register,” effectively withdrawing the student from the program. Students who are not registered in the Maymester Abroad course are not eligible for financial aid or program amenities (housing, courses, activities, orientation etc…).