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Maymester Abroad Payment

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Payment Overview

When planning for your time abroad, there are three basic categories of expenses:

1. Fees payable to UT

Application fee $50. Payable via What I Owe within 10 days of starting an application.
Program fee $3000-$6000 (Varies by location/program). This is paid in two parts:
a. $300 non-refundable deposit due December 10
b. Program balance due February 20
c. Students start financial responsibilities for the program starting February 21
UT Tuition - Undergraduate tuition is included in flat-rate tuition for the spring semester. Graduate students should refer to the UT tuition schedule
See Study Abroad Billing for more information

2. Pre-departure expenses (e.g. airfare, passport and VISA)

3. On-site expenses (e.g. food, local transport)

    Maymester estimated expenses: Australia (Reporting on our Changing Environment); Brazil (Black Diaspora and Community Engagement); China (U.S.-China Relations); Czech Republic (Documentary Photography); England (London: Roots of Social and Economic Justice, Transport Phenomena in Living Systems, Sport and English Society); Germany (Engineering Design and Graphics); Ghana (Community and Social Development); Ireland (Public Relations in Ireland); Israel (Society and Politics; South Africa (Urban Economic Development).

      Financial Responsibility Policy

      Because The University of Texas is making financial commitments prior to the program, accepted students are held to the financial responsibility policy.


      Maymester Abroad participants secure funding from a variety of sources. Examples of scholarships awarded to Maymester participants are below. More scholarships can be found in the Funding section.

      • SAO Maymester Scholarship. For undergraduate students participating in Maymester programs administered by the Study Abroad Office.Financial need is required and preference will be given to students who can demonstrate degree applicability. Approximately 25 awards of $2000 each. Deadline November 1st. Apply via GLOBAL ASSIST.
      • College of Liberal Arts Awards: Scholarships available for the following programs: Black Diaspora and Community Engagement in Brazil; U.S.-China Relations; Society and Politics in Israel; and Sociology of Sport in England.  Number of awards vary and range from $500-$2000. Deadline: November 1. Apply via GLOBAL ASSIST. Applicants are notified by late November.
      • Benjamin A Gilman Awards. National competition for Pell Grant recipients. Number of awards varies. Amounts up to $5000. Deadline March 1. Online application. Follow summer timeline.

      Using Financial Aid

      Aid-eligible students may use financial aid to cover the costs of a Maymester Abroad program. Maymester awards are usually in the form of loans many of which require a co-signer. OSFS typically sends Electronic Financial Aid Notifications (E-FAN) over the winter break (after the $300 deposit is due).

      Please see the financial aid page in the funding section of this Website for more details.

      Financial Aid Disbursements for Maymester Abroad Programs

      Aid-eligible recipients receive two financial aid disbursements in the spring semester: the regular spring disbursement and a second disbursement for the Maymester Abroad. The second disbursement is generally released in February. Any students who have not received their revised aid package (by e-fan) and second disbursement by Feb 15th should:

      1. Make sure they have completed the Online Financial Aid Counseling Module via MySAO

      2. Check their CASH and/speak with their Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) counselor to see if there are any unmet requirements for aid to release.

      3. Notify their study abroad program coordinator that the aid may release late.

      Deferring the Program Balance to Financial Aid

      The program balance (excluding the $300 non-refundable deposit) may be deferred to financial aid. See: Deferring the program balance does not remove the charge from What I Owe. It changes the balance due date to when aid is released. If there is a difference between what financial aid will cover and what the student owes, the students should pay the difference by February 20th.


      Depending on the date of withdrawal, students may be held financially responsible for some or all of the program fee. Please refer to the program’s financial responsibility policy. Please note that students are also responsible for dropping their classes in accordance with UT registration procedures. Students may withdrawal by e-mailing the program coordinator or at: (not available for all programs).