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Maymester Abroad Application

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Apply Online

WATCH: How to Apply

Accessing the Application

Applications open in September. 
Deadline to apply: November 1, 2016

  1. Self-authorize access to the application. Enter the year abroad (2017), semester and application type (Maymester) and the application code.
  2. Start the application on MySAO.

Application Information

Be prepared to:

  • Pay the non-refundable $75 application fee on What I Owe
  • Enter the program code
  • Sign the financial responsibility statement
  • Sign the responsibilities of participation and code of conduct
  • Submit two short essays (see tips below)
  • Have a UT faculty member submit an online reference questionnaire (see below)
  • UT disciplinary check (automatically submitted, no action required)

    Application Fee
    A non-refundable $75 application fee is charged to What I Owe after clicking “submit application” on the first page.

    Program Choices
    The application asks for first and second choice programs. The second choice listed does not affect first choice acceptance decisions. If you do not have a second choice program, enter the first choice again.

    Tips for Completing the Essays

    Essay 1: What are your academic goals? How will studying on this specific course complement these goals? Please consider both the content and location of the program's course(s).

    Essay 2: What are your personal and professional goals? How will studying on this specific program complement these goals?

    • No more than 250 words each.
    • The audience is the faculty director and Study Abroad program coordinator.
    • Avoid general statements like, “I want to study abroad to broaden my horizons."
    • Make connections to the program location and course content.
    • Address your motivation, goals and preparedness to study abroad.
    • Focus on specific examples to illustrate your essay's points.
    • Utilize the Undergraduate Writing Center or the UT Learning Center.
    • Type the essays in a word processing program (e.g. Microsoft Word), then copy and paste them into the online application.

      Online Reference Questionnaire
      The application includes a link to a reference questionnaire (you submit the first page of the application before the menu with the link will appear). The applicant will e-mail this link to a UT faculty member. The reference questionnaire consists of 6 questions and a comments box. It should take the faculty less than 10 minutes, but give the faculty member at least a week to complete the reference.

      To verify your reference has been received, check your MySAO application menu. Once received, the box that says “Awaiting Submission” will read “Submitted.”

      Graduating Seniors
      A graduating senior may participate in a Maymester. If the course credit is not needed to fulfill an outstanding degree requirement, the student can apply to graduate in the spring. Students who need the course to fulfill their last degree requirement may participate in the program. After successful completion of the course, the student can complete the process for in absentia graduation in August.

      Application FAQs


      Notifications will go out before Thanksgiving break. Scholarship award notifications (IEFS, Maymester and COLA) are scheduled to go out prior to Thanksgiving.