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Program Description

Based out of Haifa, the course offers an introduction to the study of Israel with special emphasis on and first-hand experience in the intersection of history, geography, society and politics. Lectures include the history of the state, as well as a review of the political system and political culture. Students then analyze the main social divisions in the country and the way they manifest in the political and policy arenas. The program includes guest lectures and historical site visits across Israel (such as Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee) enabling students to gain a theoretical understanding of the material while experiencing it.


  • GOV 365N / JS 365 / MES 341| Israel: Society and Politics

Faculty Director

Ami Pedahzur

ami pedahzur

Dr. Ami Pedahzur, Department of Government, is the Arnold Chaplik Professor in Israel and Diaspora Studies. He is also the founding head of the Israel Studies Collaborative at the The Schusterman Center for Jewish Studies.

His latest books include:  'The Triumph of Israel’s Radical Right' (Oxford University Press, 2012); 'The Israeli Secret Services and the Struggle against Terrorism' (Columbia University Press, 2009); and 'Jewish Terrorism in Israel' (Columbia University Press, 2009, with Arie Perliger). He is currently working on a new book manuscript entitled: ‘Super Soldiers – The Enigma of Israel’s Special Forces’. Dr. Pedhazur received his PhD in political science from The University of Haifa.

Program and Application Details

For full program details and information on how to apply, go to the Program Page.

Questions? Email: Melissa Sassi.