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india engineering summer abroad

Program Description

This program provides a unique opportunity for students to study the underlying concepts and practice of embedded systems in both a collaborative classroom setting and within the industry.  A majority of the classroom learning comes from hands-on, team-based lab work where students build embedded solutions that parallel the everyday systems they interact with in real life. UT students work in teams with local students from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Hyderabad, resulting in a culturally and intellectually stimulating experience. Students complete company projects with leading institutions in the high-tech industry and spend a business day shadowing an industry professional.

Students gain valuable experience in the emerging world of cutting-edge technology outside of the U.S. Hyderabad has been at the forefront of India’s technological surge over the past two decades with significant presence from leading global firms such as Microsoft, Google and Qualcomm.  Hyderabad is the fourth most populous city in India with a complex history and diverse Indian culture. Students experience this unique city through local excursions, cultural activities, guest lectures and visits to local NGOs.


  • EE319K | Study and Practice of Embedded Systems in a Global Setting
  • EE360 | Special Problems in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Faculty Director

Ramesh Yerraballi

ramesh yerraballi

Dr. Ramesh Yerraballi, an award-winning professor from the department of Electrical Engineering, leads this program. He has worked as an educator, researcher and industry consultant for over sixteen years. He has taught this specific course for over five years. Dr. Yerraballi spent the first half of his life in his hometown of Hyderabad. He is excited to be taking UT students to experience the academically and culturally vibrant atmosphere that Hyderabad has to offer.


Program and Application Details

For full program details and information on how to apply, go to the Program Page.

Questions? Email: Sejal Mehta.