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Program Description

As the world becomes smaller due to technological advances and business expansion across countries, marketers must become familiar with the factors that influence global marketing communications. A major challenge today is how to best reach intended target audiences worldwide that receive messages from a myriad of new media formats.  The goal of this course is to introduce and examine issues that affect communication in a global marketplace and the role of new media in this process. Specifically, this course aims to equip students with an understanding of state of the art media and its integration into advertising campaigns by focusing on the center of such dynamic innovation, Asia. Discussions, guest presentations, agency visits, and out-of-the-classroom activities contribute to the experience.

Asia is leading the trend in media innovation. The Asia-Pacific region is well known for its swift adoption of the latest media techniques and incorporating them into advertising. The program takes place in Hong Kong, a major Asian media technology hub and the gateway to China. Hong Kong has a sophisticated business infrastructure and cutting-edge marketing and media technology expertise. Companies around the world base their businesses in Hong Kong and use it as a stepping stone to tap into China (the world's fifth largest exporter and one of the fastest-growing economies) and other Asia-Pacific countries' markets making it an ideal location for studying new media.


  • ADV 334 | International Advertising: New Media in a Global Environment. Course meets an upper-division elective in advertising and carries a Global Cultures flag.

Faculty Director

Wei-Na Lee

wei-na lee

Dr. Wei-Na Lee, Department of Advertising, has led this program in both Singapore and Hong Kong. Her research examines the role of culture in persuasive communication. Specifically, she has investigated topics such as consumer acculturation, country-of-origin effects, consumer ethnocentrism, cross-cultural comparison of communication messages, portrayal of ethnic groups in the media, and multicultural marketing communication. Raised in Taiwan, Dr. Lee’s cultural background provides her a unique perspective to facilitate student learning.

Program and Application Details

For full program details and information on how to apply, go to the Program Page.

Questions? Email: Melissa Sassi.