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Global Pathways

Global Pathways is an initiative to maximize the opportunities available for UT students to study abroad. These programs are available to freshman (Maymester or summer), sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Start planning now to maximize your time overseas.

GPA requirements are a 2.00-4.00 cumulative GPA at the time of application.

Programs are available in fall, spring, Maymester, or summer.

There is no language requirement. Some programs may require language experience for certain tracks, but all offer courses in English or beginning courses in the foreign language.

There will be specific scholarships for Global Pathways programs!


Some of the foreign courses available at the exchange and affiliated programs below have already been evaluated for specific UT-Austin credit and are listed in the My Credit Abroad Database. Search the database to see how a foreign course will count at UT-Austin. We can help add a new record to the database for courses of interest not yet in the database.

Semester Exchange and Affiliate Programs




AIFS Florence



fall, spring

AIFS Granada Affiliate Spain Fall, spring, summer whole
AIFS Rome Affiliate Italy fall, spring
API Institutio San Joaquin de Flores Affiliate Costa Rica fall, spring, summer whole
API Universidad de Cadiz Affiliate Spain fall, spring

CIEE Alicante



fall, spring, summer whole

European University Viadrina: summer exchange Exchange Germany summer whole

IAU School of Humanities and Social Sciences in Aix

IAU Marchutz School of Fine Arts

Affiliate France fall, spring, summer whole

IFSA Butler Merida

*Successful completion of SPN611D or higher required

Affiliate Mexico fall, spring

Sciences Po



fall, spring

Sussex International Summer School



summer whole

UT in Paris Exchange France fall, spring


Summer Exchange and Affiliated Programs Type Location Available


Maymester Faculty-led Programs


Courses Offered

Social Entrepreneurship in China and U.S.


HIS 317L (fulfills American History core)

Community and Social Development


SW 360K / SW 395K + UGS 119

Roots of Social and Economic Justice: An International Perspective


SW 460K  /SW 495K / WGS 440

Sport and English Society

England SOC 323M / KIN 350 / EUS 346

Introduction to Engineering Design and Graphics in Vienna


ME 302 / ME 210

Urban Ecomonic Development in Cape Town South Africa HIS 317L
Nature, Society, & Sustainability in Ecuador Ecuador GRG 323K / LAS 330
Emerging Technologies England ARE 377K / ARC 350R / ARC 386M + ARE 177K


Summer Faculty-led Programs


Courses Offered

Language, Diversity and Education at Casa Herrera


Multiple tracks available. See website.

Learning Tuscany


ARH 331J & ART 319T/320K/379T/320L

Engaging Global Health

* Offered in 2016

Costa Rica

N 309 & N 354 / SPN 319S