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freiburg germany engineering maymester

Program Description

This course explores the basics of engineering design and how it has shaped and influenced not only the products we use, but also the environment we live in. The course will incorporate the location of Freiburg, with a history extending back more than 1000 years, as our laboratory to examine design from ancient to the modern in order to understand the development of culture and the interconnections between design and culture.

Freiburg, a university town, is a center of progressive thinking on environmental issues and sustainability.  Freiburg is known for taking the lead in the development of eco-friendly technologies and architecture. With its extensive use of solar energy and other renewable sources, the city now attracts researchers and environmental organizations from around the world. Located on the edge of the scenic Black Forest, Freiburg is an ideal starting point for exploring Europe  - an hour away from towering Alpine mountains, France, Switzerland, and other interesting regions of Germany.


  • ME 302 / ME 210 | Introduction to Engineering Design & Graphics
  • UGS 119 | International Learning Seminar: Germany Maymester. Taken during the spring semester preceding the program

Faculty Director

Billy Wood

billy wood

Professor Billy Wood has been involved in study abroad programs since 1996, led Maymesters in Engineering several times in both Austria and Germany, and traveled extensively in Europe. He is the recipient of many awards for excellence in leadership, teaching and academic advising.




Program and Application Details

For full program details and information on how to apply, go to the Program Page.

Questions? Email: Monya Lemery