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Travel Authorization

You will need Adobe Reader to access the forms on this page. Download the current version of Adobe Reader here.

Steps to Obtain Authorization for Travel Abroad

STOP: Before beginning, students must determine if they are traveling to any country currently on the UT-Restricted Regions List.  Use this information to determine your specific requirement(s):

  • Students who are not traveling to UT-Restricted Regions should proceed directly to                                                                        STEP 1 (below)

  • Students traveling to Medium, High or Extreme Risk UT-Restricted Regions (Category 1, 2, or 3) must request Restricted Regions Travel Approval only.  (Students do not follow the steps listed below on this page)

  • Students traveling to Variable Risk UT-Restricted Regions (Category 4) must request Restricted Regions Travel Approval, and follow the normal steps for travel authorization listed below (STEP 1).  Students are advised to work on both processes at the same time.

STEP 1. Review and Complete your International Travel Request Authorization Form below:

      STEP 2 . Obtain the appropriate signatures and collect any needed additional documents.  Submit all completed forms and documents to UT Study Abroad via email. (forms may be scanned and emailed, faxed or dropped off at Study Abroad in the UT International Office)

      Students: please include your destination(s), UT EID, and travel dates in the subject line of your email (Example: “Travel to France (EID) 8/30-9/15"), and your full name and EID on all attachments (Example: "Joe Smith (EID) ITRAF-Docs".

      • Mailing Address: PO Box A, Austin, TX 78713-8901

      • Physical Address: International Office, 2400 Nueces St., Suite B, Austin, TX 78705

      • Fax #: 512-232-4363

      • Campus Mail Code: A7000

      STEP 3. (Recommended) Review the UT Overseas Insurance Website for information on student insurance coverage while abroad.

      • All eligible students are automatically enrolled in UT Overseas Insurance plan and pay the associated fee ($19/per week).  These charges are not included in student tuition, and will appear on a student's What I Owe webpage.
      • Students will be charged for each semester of travel individually.  This means that if a student is studying/researching abroad for continuous academic periods, the student will see a separate charge for each academic period on his/her What I Owe page.

      STEP 4. (Recommended) View the Online Travel Workshop

      • (turn up your volume and click the arrow to advance slides)

      STEP 5. Await for confirmation of International Travel Authorization via Email before departing the country.  

      • If traveling to a UT-Restricted Region, travel authorization cannot be granted until your Restricted Regions process is complete.
      • Estimated processing time for authorization is 4 to 7 days - please plan accordingly.

      NOTE FOR UT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS TRAVELING ABROAD : International students traveling to their home country are exempt from Overseas Insurance and will not be charged.  This is the only exemption from the mandatory Overseas Insurance enrollment requirement.


      Last Updated March 2014