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Overseas Insurance

The University seeks to ensure that students have appropriate insurance coverage while abroad. The UT System has instructed all campuses to ensure that students participating in approved study abroad programs "have appropriate health insurance coverage" for the dates of their UT Austin approved study abroad period and are registered with International SOS. All students covered by the UT Austin Student Travel Policy for International Locations (STPIL) are required to participate in the International Insurance Coverage Program (aka Overseas Insurance).

Overseas Insurance Information:

Overseas Insurance has three components:

  • International health insurance administered by Academic Health Plans
    • For students whose program began on or after August 1, 2014-
    • For students whose program began before August 1, 2014-
  • International SOS assistance, membership number 11BSGC000037 (ISOS FAQs)
  • General liability coverage (policy summary)

Click here for a printable summary of Overseas Insurance, including how to use each component.

Students are responsible for submitting their travel information directly to ISOS online. Please use the link provided as well as the member number (11BSGC000037) to complete this requirement before departure.

The Overseas Insurance policy applies to a broad range of students, including all students:

  • participating in UT Austin sponsored or affiliated study abroad programs
  • conducting independent research abroad
  • attending international conferences
  • traveling abroad as a member of registered or sponsored student organizations
  • participating in internships organized or sponsored by UT Austin representatives

You are required to have Overseas Insurance regardless of any other insurance you may have, including insurance possibly required by an affiliate study abroad program or a foreign government such as Germany or Australia.

All students are strongly encouraged to maintain their U.S. health insurance coverage in case treatment is necessary upon return to the United States.

Overseas Insurance Fee:

The fee for Overseas Insurance is $19/week and will be posted to your What I Owe page after you complete the appropriate online form. The fee can be paid at any time after it appears on your WIO page and is due 10 days prior to departure. Failure to pay will result in a University financial bar.


  • If you need medical, evacuation or security assistance, call ISOS. 
  • Ways to pick up an emergency card:
    • at pre-departure orientations
    • from a study abroad advisor
    • from the International Office

Students will not be issued an insurance card. 


There is 1 way to be exempt from Overseas Insurance-

  1. Have a passport issued to you by the host country

If you are an international student studying abroad in your official country of residence, you are automatically excluded from health insurance coverage, and therefore you will not be charged for Overseas Insurance while you are in your home country, but you may still use ISOS assistance and the general liability coverage component of Overseas Insurance.  If you would like health insurance coverage, contact the Study Abroad Insurance Coordinator.

International Health Insurance for Leisure Travel:

This list is a starting point for you to research international health insurance options available outside of your Study Abroad program or International Travel Registry dates:

For additional information please contact Study Abroad at

Updated: December 15, 2014