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Planning Scholarships

First Abroad Planning Scholarship

First Abroad Planning Scholarship

•  Approximately 25 awards
•  $3,000 each
•  Recipients have up to 2 academic years to select and participate in a UT-approved study abroad program.
•  Eligibility requirements:

1.  First-generation college students (neither parent has a 4-year college degree)
2.  Must be applicant’s first time in college (did not transfer after a year at another institution - high school dual enrollment okay)
3.  Financial need (current FAFSA on file with UT-Austin)
4.  Less than 60 hours earned (completed) at UT-Austin at the time of application

•  Deadline: December 15
•  Award notice: mid-February
•  For use between fall 2017 and summer 2019