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Business Foundations Program

Business Foundations Program click here!


College of Communication


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Scholarships of $2500-$4000 are available exclusively for RTF majors participating in programs highlighted in the RTF brochure. More scholarship information here

College of Education

Early Childhood - 6th Grade Education click here!


College of Liberal Arts


Government Curriculum Integration Guide


History Curriculum Integration Guide

International Relations and Global Studies

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Psychology-Bachelor of Science degree map


College of Natural Sciences

Study Abroad Guide for Pre-Health Professions click here


Biology brochure

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Biochemistry degree maps

Chemistry degree maps


Computer Science


Computer Science degree maps

Popular C S courses abroad

Human Development and Family Sciences


Marine and Freshwater Biology



Math brochure

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Nutrition CI guide


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Textiles and Apparel


School of Social Work

Social Work

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Economics: 2015

Communication Studies: 2016

English: 2016

Curriculum Integration Resources Page - FORUM 2013


What is Study Abroad By Major/Curriculum Integration?

Curriculum Integration: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint
UT-Austin's direct course matching approach to curriculum integration as described by Janet Hulstrand in International Educator.

Curriculum Integration is a collaborative process between Study Abroad and UT departments and centers to identify programs abroad that best serve student needs and complement the academic goals of each unit. Producing and publishing departmental curriculum integration brochures educates students on how/when/where to plan for study abroad as part of their degree plan.

While UT offers over 400 programs abroad, each brochure helps narrow down options by highlighting specific programs within the university’s portfolio that are best suited for particular majors. Relevant foreign courses available at each program highlighted in a brochure have been evaluated for UT credit and are listed in the My Credit Abroad Database. Students can expect to find courses offered at the selected programs abroad which will fulfill major requirements. Courses that will fulfill university or college core requirements, such as social sciences and visual and performing arts, can also be found. As course schedules are subject to change, pre-approved courses may not be available in the semester indicated. Students will need to confirm course schedules at the foreign institution.

Curriculum integration helps students mitigate academic risks. By taking foreign courses that have already been approved for specific UT credit, the student knows how a specific foreign course will count towards their degree. With a guaranteed match, the student is empowered to select courses abroad that advance them toward graduation.

Each brochure also contains a map of a sample study abroad plan, a vital planning tool. The map is a general degree plan with an example semester abroad incorporated, highlighting the recommended semester to go abroad and ideal courses to take while abroad.