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Study Abroad by Major


Academic credit is the basis for all UT Austin study abroad experiences. To ensure that students participate in programs for which meaningful credit can be applied to their degree, Program Coordinators work closely with students to determine what credit will be issued for courses taken abroad. The resources below were designed to guide students in preparing to select and participate in a study abroad experience.


While UT offers over 400 programs abroad, study abroad by major brochures help narrow down options by highlighting specific programs within the university’s portfolio that are best suited for particular majors. To view full information by major please click on "Study Abroad by Major" above or the quick links below.

Biology | Chemistry-Biochemistry | Computer ScienceEducation EC-6 | Government | History | Human Development and Family Sciences | International Relations & Global Studies | Mathematics | Marine and Freshwater Biology | Nutrition | Physics | PsychologyRadio-Television-Film | Social WorkTextiles and Apparel | more coming soon!

Other specialized academic options:


My Credit Abroad Database

Online database of approved courses from foreign universities and approved affiliated programs. This database represents only courses taken to date – not all possible course options abroad. Students should work with their program coordinator to determine the full extent of course options abroad.

This database requires a university electronic id (EID). If you are a guest and would like to view our credit database, please create a guest EID. Click here to set up a guest id now.

NOTE: This database serves as a historical record as well as a tool to help students explore course offerings from overseas educational programs. It cannot replace the specific guidance students receive in an individual advising appointment. It is important to understand that the database reflects courses students have taken or plan to take that have been assessed by a departmental course equivalency evaluators. Students are not restricted to the courses listed in the database. It is an ever-changing listing; as additional courses are evaluated they are added, likewise as courses  expire they are removed from view. Evaluations are valid for five years.


General Information

Detailed information about how to use MyCA, credit policy information, and much more is provided as reference to students, academic advisors and UT faculty assisting students with their study abroad plans.